Where Transportation
Meets Innovation

The world is transitioning to alternative vehicles and driverless transport. Autonomous vehicles need autonomous connectivity. The need for EV accessories to enable this movement is evident.

It is time to reimagine travel.

Modal provides transportation and energy solutions for the AI-driven future. Streamlined travel and interconnected transport are within reach through dedicated ingenuity and innovation.

We make science—not fiction™.

Innovation Roadmap

We live in a time the great minds of the past only imagined. Advanced technology and creative spirit continue to reinvent how vehicles communicate and move from place to place. Modal recognizes the untraveled roads, and we will pave them with convenient, safe, and hands-free devices engineered to inspire generations to come.

Discover these Roads.

EV Accessories

Our world—connected. Modal innovates autonomous solutions for every electric and self-driving vehicle on- and off-road. Our key patented innovations bridge the gap between human-operated and AI-driven technology.