About Mōdal

Revolutionizing EV, AV, and traditional transportation.

Mōdal exists to solve upcoming problems in the EV & AV (electric vehicle & autonomous vehicle) space, as well as traditional shipping and RV industries, anticipating issues and providing efficient solutions that will enable the future to arrive well.

cybertruck parked in the forest

Our story.

Mōdal founder, Kreg Peeler, has been obsessed with trucks, trailers, and robots since before he could walk. His father often had a broken foot or leg from horse accidents and therefore couldn’t easily get in and out of the truck. Being the youngest child and last one at home, his dad taught him to back the horse trailer before he could even drive. Kreg was captivated by the physics and mechanics of it. He began to dream of the possibilities.


When the iPhone was announced in 2007, Kreg knew it would transform the way we interact with our world. He then realized that the logical subsequent revolution would be a transformation in the way our physical world interacts with us. He knew over the upcoming decades that EVs + AI would recreate travel, parking, and shipping for greater efficiency of time and space.

delorean backing out of a trailer

But, when to start? Patents are only good for 20 years. He projected that by 2025, major regions would approve fully autonomous vehicles. In the interlude, he focused on quietly building and iterating in his garage. Additionally, during that time he built two software companies that provided a framework for large data architectures and artificial intelligence.


By 2021 it was time to incorporate Mōdal. He assembled a brilliant team and begin building and patenting the solutions the world would soon realize it needed. Since 2021, Mōdal has filed dozens of patents and has already been awarded many of them, protecting Mōdal’s work until 2042 and beyond. Mōdal is Kreg’s mission to help the future arrive well.

Our team.

Mōdal is an elite group of mechatronics experts, providing transportation solutions for the AI-driven future. Our products are developed by a combination of mechanical, electrical, industrial, and ML/data engineers, Mōdal is committed to creating a streamlined travel and transport experience, providing efficiency and enhanced safety. Proud partners of the Tesla Owners Clubs of America and other industry experts, Mōdal pioneers new roads and strives to improve the vehicle and mobility industries. Join us in shaping the intersection of AI and transportation.

Headshot of Kreg Peeler
Kreg Peeler

Founder, Inventor, Exec. Chair

Erick Vega

CEO, Inventor, Engineering

Robert Gooch

Manufacturing & Engineering

Andrew Mkrtchyan

Software & Engineering

Bri Haueter

Social Media & Communications

Kyle Hyman

Distribution & Logistics

Aria Conran

Operations & Marketing

“Innovation is not just about creating products; it's about solving problems before they become obstacles. At Mōdal, we engineer solutions that pave the way for the full future of travel.”

Erick Vega, Mōdal CEO

“The prospect of autonomous vehicles is no longer fiction. It's here, just not evenly distributed or adopted yet. We’re at the beginning of a seismic shift that will reshape the entirety of transportation and everyday life. Our mission is to simplify daily tasks, open new possibilities, and ensure safety.”

Kreg Peeler, Mōdal Founder & Executive Chair

Mōdal is Headquartered in American Fork, Utah with strong R&D and manufacturing ties to California, Texas, and Florida.