All electric vehicles prevent driving while plugged in – for obvious reasons. However, in an emergency situation, this means you must exit your car, disconnect the charger, then rush back to the driver’s seat to drive away.

EVject offers you a better option. It works with your Tesla’s built in safety systems to allow you to stop charging and shift into Drive or Reverse without leaving your car or causing any damage.


The Cybertruck is bulletproof, but can only protect you if you’re inside.

We meticulously engineered EVject and rigorously tested it to deliver uncompromising safety you can count on, including full integration with Tesla’s built-in safety systems. We’re proud to say EVject works seamlessly with Level 1, 2, and Level 3 - DC fast charging.


  • Patented breakaway device is capable of enabling your escape while inside or via Summon from the Tesla app.
  • An option to safely escape from a variety of dangers that could strike at any charging station (sketchy people, adverse weather events, fires, animal attacks, and alien invasions).
  • Peace of mind knowing you or your loved one is better prepared for whatever’s out there.
  • One-time warranty that replaces your EVject device when used in a dangerous situation. Just send us details or video of your escape and we’ll ship you a replacement device at no charge.

Order now and take charge of your EV situation.

The world’s first breakaway EV charging adapter.