RocketSocket delivers EV & RV docking for all vehicle orientations. Eliminates the need to wrangle cables and plug/unplug for routine charging sessions and camp hookups. 

Rocket Socket Product


  • Effortless Connection: telescoping coupler spans the distance for low-rider cars and high-boy trucks.
  • Conical Probe Head: Allows connection no matter how you park. Forward, backward, or sideward. 
  • Level-2 Power: Supports up to 50 amp, 250 volt, two phase AC power - for EV charging or RV power.
  • Automagic: Charge probe and ground receiver communicate directly and automatically connect whenever your vehicle or trailer is parked within reach.
  • Built to Last: UV protective coatings and durable materials ensure RocketSocket withstands the rigors of the road and driveway. 
  • V2G (Vehicle to Grid) Ready: Compatible with V2G charging systems that allow your vehicle to act as a backup powersource for your home. Maximize efficiency, ensure your house and car are continually connected whenever they're close.
  • Finance Like a Home Appliance: Option to include with solar equipment payment plans and other green energy equipment.
Streamline your recharge pitstops and camp spots.
rocketsocket connecting to modal trailer